Who is the Best Kelowna Real Estate Agent?

It’s one of those questions that doesn’t really have an answer, nonetheless, many of those looking to purchase or sell their home are searching to find Kelowna’s top Realtors®. With nearly a thousand real estate agents doing business in the city there are bound to be many fantastic Realtors in Kelowna…. In my experience, when you are looking for a professional, be it an accountant, a financial adviser, a business consultant, a landscaper, or a Realtor - it’s more important to find one that is a fit for you, rather than the “best real estate agent” or even the “top realtor in Kelowna”.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Our Kids

The Kelowna Family YMCA is a fantastic charity that offers families in our community access to facilities to stay fit and be active. In sponsorship with Interior Savings, the YMCA Healthy Kid's Day event is taking place today at the Rutland Sports Fields. There are more than 50 'Healthy Activity Stations' with games and activities for kids of all ages to participate in, plus free food and drinks!

Hiking Kelowna's Black Mountain

Ever wanted to hike Black Mountain in Kelowna? Here's some trail info and a story of my latest adventure... Spring has sprung and the warm sunny days the past couple weeks has me wanting to get outside more. Through the winter months I had been less adventurous than I would usually be, spending a lot of time working away on business planning, branding, marketing, research and other elements that go into launching a successful business. Nothing revitalizes like spring though!

Indigenous World Winery Pickup Party

Yesterday, Sarah and I attended our first Pickup Party at Indigenous World Winery. A little over a month ago my brother and his partner were visiting from Toronto and we took them on a West Kelowna wine tour which included Indigenous. We had a fantastic tasting experience and left absolutely in love with a number of their wines.

4 Things People Won’t Tell You About the Beautiful Okanagan

Have you been thinking about moving to the Okanagan Valley? It’s an increasingly popular choice for people from across Canada looking for a change. There are so many excellent reasons to move to Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley! However, like any other location, there are always some less-than-perfect aspects. The following are four things people won’t tell you about the beautiful Okanagan Valley and the City of Kelowna. They won’t stop you from wanting to make the move, but knowing them will make sure you don’t have any surprise and might even help you choose the right neighbourhood.

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden in Kelowna

Do you live in a condominium, apartment, or townhouse, or property with a small yard, and wish you could have a garden but don't have the space?

Little did I know, the City of Kelowna partnered with the Central Okanagan Community Garden Society to provide community gardens within the city of Kelowna.

Childcare in Kelowna and the Okanagan

There are more than 140 licensed child care providers in Kelowna and surrounding area. For various reason, that doesn’t always mean there are vacancies. Researching and planning for your child care in advance will definitely give you a better chance of getting your child into the program of your choosing. There are currently 63 providers showing vacancies across all age groups.