I work primarily with families, who among other things, seek a special place to call home that compliments their lifestyle and is inline with their short and long-term financial goals. I have developed and refined the Spot-On Process™ to ensure that you get unrivaled representation, effective negotiation on your behalf, and a fantastic experience, every step of the way. Continue on to learn more about me and my process.



Joshua Elliott

Thank you visiting my site. You can call me Josh, for short. I look forward to meeting you.

I have circled the sun 11,315 times and counting. It's been a good life already and one of the best decisions I ever made was moving to Kelowna and choosing to build a life here over 10 years ago.

Over the years, I've developed skills in marketing, lead generation, sales, negotiations, and client experience all of which give me the tools I need to effectively represent you in your next real estate purchase or sale.

I am a passionate person; everything I do, I do at 110%. If you think there might be a fit in us working together, let's connect, no commitment necessary.


Sarah McIntyre

Sarah is my everything. She's an incredible spouse, amazing mom, dedicated businesswoman, talented makeup artist, and the best unlicensed assistant I could ask for.

When I walk out the door and I've forgotten something, I turn around and she's standing there holding it. She keeps me organized. She keeps me motivated. And, she can do a lot for you too.



I have aligned myself with the world's number one brand in Real Estate, RE/MAX®. I chose to work with the RE/MAX Kelowna Brokerage, one of the top producing offices in the country, because of the benefits this provides my clients. RE/MAX Kelowna has a strong management team consisting of experienced and dedicated people who provide amazing support to both REALTORS® and their clients. When you work with a RE/MAX Kelowna REALTOR, you are working with an entire team of professionals.


What are you looking for in a kelowna realtor®?


Are you looking for someone you can trust? Are you looking for someone who knows about the area? Are you looking for someone who is licensed? If you are, that describes hundreds of Kelowna real estate agents in the Okanagan Valley. 

So what makes working with me different?


i have a process.


I have developed and refined a 9-step process to systematically take you from an initial consultation and listing agreement (for buyers: an agency agreement) all the way through completion.


The Spot-On Process™ serves to ensure that you get unrivalled representation, effective negotiation on your behalf, and a fantastic experience, every step of the way.




The first step in the Spot-On Process is for us both to identify if there is a fit in working together. We will have an initial consultation, getting to know each other, looking to see if my philosophy and strategies are aligned with yours and your needs. I will assess whether I feel I am best suited to servicing your needs and you will assess your level of confidence in my ability to provide you with strong representation and achieve your goals.


Achieving your goals requires we have clarity on your perspective, your motivations, and your desires. We will have a second consultation where together we take a deeper dive to discover all the necessary information. I will ask the right questions to gain this insight, but most importantly, I will attentively listen to your answers. The best offer might not be obvious. Your time constraints might present a specific challenge. Your situation is unique to you and I will get to know you first so the rest of the process can be tailored to suit your needs.


Once we've mutually decided that there is a fit in working together, a written agency agreement is the first step in working together. Whether you are selling or purchasing we will clearly document our expectations and responsibilities, laying a solid foundation to our relationship.

From here, we split up the next few two steps depending on if you are buying or selling.



The next two steps vary depending on whether you are a seller or a purchaser.



I will deploy a customised marketing plan designed to get as many ideal prospective buyers looking at your property as possible. It is not just about getting eyes on your listing, it’s about getting the right eyes and converting those into selling opportunities. There are many factors to consider and I will be strategic and creative in developing a comprehensive plan that may include marketing through a variety of channels including: MLS listing, targeted social media, online presence, print advertising, professional networking, and more. I am constantly analyzing what’s effective and seek to be an innovator at the forefront of changing markets and new technologies.


A lot of Realtors let the buyer’s agent do most of the selling. This just seems fundamentally backwards. I will seek to be present and engaged in the selling process for as many showings of your property by other Realtor as possible. This requires a significant investment in time and coordination, but being in front of prospective buyers while they are in your home allows me to strategically position your property, maintain a level of control in the selling process, discover objections, and identify possible untapped opportunities and overlooked vulnerabilities in our strategy. This serves to ensure that prospective buyers get all the information they need to properly consider making an offer and to show as much value in your property as possible.



I will take what I've learned about your wants and needs and identify available properties that are a best match. This process can vary greatly depending on current inventory levels. When there are a lot of properties available, there may be options available immediately. When there are few current listings, I will keep my finger on the pulse so you can be among the first to have a look at new listings and get the first opportunity at making an offer.


For buyers, this is where we have the most fun. The only thing more exciting than looking at possible purchases is taking possession of your new home. We will visit as many ideal properties as possible so that you can feel comfortable that you have considered all the options before you make any offers and enter the negotiating process. You’ll have the most confidence in having made the right purchase when you know you made a decision after exploring a number of options.




Every deal is a little different so I’ll start by analyzing all the moving parts. I’ll compare the big picture of what you’re looking for including the price and all terms with what the other party is looking for. I can then leverage experience in negotiations and creative thinking to work at putting together the best possible deal. It’s not always about selling for the most money or buying for the least so we explore all options to move the needle navigating the towards getting the majority of what you want while the other party gets the majority of what they want.


One of the most overlooked aspects of the real estate industry is the contract. This is not Amazon; you're not buying a new camera that you can return because you found a better one. You're not buying a new car where you can request your deposit be refunded if you change your mind the day before you pick it up. You are entering into a binding, legal, contract that can range from relatively simple to incredibly complex. I will take the time to make sure that the Contract of Purchase and Sale is properly written and enforceable in the event it is challenged in court, giving you peace of mind.


Now that we have a signed Contract of Purchase and Sale, we are getting closer to the finish line but there is still potentially a lot left to do. I will make sure that you stay on tract and tie up any loose ends pertaining to contract conditions and necessary communications with coordinating professionals like your mortgage broker and lawyer. I will make sure you have all your ducks in a row so you are ready for the closing day and hopefully, stress-free.


No doubt, the most exciting part of buying a new home is when I deliver you the keys and you unlock that front door for the first time. For sellers, you're finished and you've achieved your goal, unless of course you are about to take possession of a new home too. Welcome home!


My service to you does not end just because the deal is done or a commission has been paid. I value the relationship we have built and look forward to being your Realtor For Life - that means being a sounding board and resource regarding anything related to real estate (not just local, any real estate). I am committed to continuously making the time to answer questions or offer insight to you, your family, and your friends. Furthemore, my concierge style service is at your disposal. Need to know where to buy a new piece of furniture or where to take your spouse for a romantic dinner? I will always do whatever I can to make experienced, thoughtful, recommendations and pride myself on being an expert on all things Kelowna.


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Who are My Clients?

I work primarily with families: couples starting their lives together, young families with children and teens, and mature families with adult children and grandchildren. There is nothing more important in this world than family!

My buyer clients seek a special place to call home that compliments their lifestyle and is inline with their short and long-term financial goals.

Does this sound like you? The first step in my Spot-On Process™ is to identify a fit in working together.


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If you've been thinking about selling your Okanagan home, be it a Kelowna condo, a West Kelowna waterfront home, a Peachland family home, or Lake Country townhouse, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover who my ideal clients are and don't be afraid to reach out if you think there could be a fit in us working together.

who are my clients?

I work primarily with families: couples starting their lives together, young families with children and teens, and mature families with adult children and grandchildren. There is nothing more important in this world than family!

My seller clients seek to achieve a sale that is inline with their short and long-term financial goals, is a reflection of the best possible deal, and occurs in timely fashion.


Does this sound like you?

The first step in my Spot-On Process™ is to identify a fit in working together.


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The Kelowna Real Estate Market has been on a tear the past few years with unprecedented increases in valuation. We've seen Kelowna homes increase in value by hundreds of thousands of dollars in only a couple years. It appears that the market has started to cool off a little in large part due to new mortgage loan qualification requirements and increases to lending rates. What does all this mean for you?

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