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Work Hard, Then Play Hard at Kelowna's Mission Creek Swimming Hole

I was given the opportunity to feature a beautiful masterpiece in Black Mountain including hosting an open house so yesterday I went up to prepare some video and photo media to use for promoting the home online and in social media. I asked my son Layton to be my assistant; he loves being involved and helping like when we film the front of a home with the door opening and he gets to open the door. It's a bit of a challenge for him too because each home has different windows and he tries to be in the right spot so he's not in the video but can still open the door smoothly.

It took us about an hour to collect all the images and video clips that we wanted. Layton made sure to point out the things he thought were cool like the ambiance lighting under the vanity in the master ensuite that come on when you trigger the sensor walking or the microwave oven in the kitchen island. Layton helped to make sure all the lights were off and we locked up and were on our way to accomplish our next task of delivering door hangers.

Together with Layton and my partner Sarah, we've been distributing a door hanger through different Kelowna neighbourhoods titled: Top 3 Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Realtor. I am passionate about providing value so even if I don't end up working with someone, I hope I can make an impact for them by providing tips like this. Layton and I got around to about half a dozen streets before the 36-degree summer heat was more than we could handle.

So what did we do? We took a dip in the creek!

Layton and I stopped for a selfie as in Kelowna's Mission Creek swimming hole. What a great way to cool off after a hard day of work in the Okanagan summer heat!

I have lived in Kelowna for 12 years now and to be honest, I had heard about a swimming hole somewhere near Rutland before I even moved here, but it slipped my mind until recently. A little while back I had gone for a walk along the Mission Creek Greenway towards Scenic Canyon Regional Park where I saw an area in the creek that looked like it might be wide and deep enough to swim in if the water weren't rushing through so quickly. Well Layton and I drove down to the park and went to find it.

Eventually we came to that spot along the creek and there were a few others already there enjoying the water. We took off our shoes (and put on our water shoes which we cleverly had packed) and ran into the creek. The cool water was incredibly refreshing on such a hot summer. We explore the creek, learning where it was shallow and where it was deep and where it was calm and where the current picked up. The most fun part was swimming up the one side of the creek and then finding that current towards the other side and letting it carry you down into the deeper area. We had a blast. It was a fantastic way to end a day of hard work.

Okanagan Cherry Picking Just Minutes from Home

Layton and I showing off our fresh picked Okanagan cherries. What a fun family adventure.

Schools out for the summer and fortunately for us, my son Layton who is now 11 has no problem keeping himself entertained. We live close to Ben Lee Park in Kelowna's Rutland neighbourhood where he greatly enjoys the skate park; he practices his scooter tricks daily. He has made plenty of new friends, some from his school and others from different schools in our area. It seems that every few days he's telling us about somebody new or bringing them by the house to introduce them and ask if he can go over to their house. This is awesome, however, it makes it easy for hours and days to go by where I see him very little, especially since building my business keeps my schedule hectic and irregular. I have put more effort into being present in his life. Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to go pick cherries with me. He hesitantly agreed. I wrapped up some research I was doing for a client and Sarah, Layton, and I, got in the car. Just a short drive up the Rutland hillside, maybe 5-minutes or so from home, we came across an orchard with row upon row of trees all dangling handfuls of dark, crimson cherries.

Don't these Okanagan cherries look delicious?


We kept driving until we came to the farm's dirt driveway welcoming us with the typical cardboard sign that read "Cherries For Sale." The farmer came out and we asked if we could pick them ourselves. He gave us a containers and instructed us to find the juiciest, sweetest, ripe cherries towards the back of the orchard. Immediately, we noticed a few chickens picking around in the shade underneath the trees. It reminded me of last years trip to Indonesia, where we seen chickens all over.

Layton showing off his container that's starting to fill up with tasty Okanagan cherries.


Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to go pick cherries with me. He hesitantly agreed. I wrapped up some research I was doing for a client and Sarah, Layton, and I, got in the car. Just a short drive up the Rutland hillside, maybe 5-minutes or so from home, we came across an orchard with row upon row of trees all dangling handfuls of dark, crimson cherries. 


Chickens on the farm. Who knew they liked to eat cherries too?

Layton found himself some low hanging cherries and began filling his container. Of course, you look up and there are handfuls more just out of reach. We had passed by a ladder as we walked through the orchard so I went back and got it so he could get up higher. It didn't take long until we had filled the container to the brim.

I asked him to show off his harvest then he looked at me and said, "When you asked me to go cherry picking, I didn't really want to go. I thought it would be boring. It turns out, this was a lot of fun!" We walked back to the farmers stand outside his home to have our cherries weighed. Five pounds of cherries to take home and a fun family excursion for just $10 - just another reason we love calling Kelowna home!

5-point Strategy for Selling Your Home With A Pool

It was 18C and sunny here this afternoon and I was looking at a home in Kelowna's Rutland neighbourhood that had a beautiful backyard with a large covered deck and huge in ground pool when the question arose, "How does the pool affect the value of my home?" Turns out, when the home was last purchased the newly retired couple had their differences; he had always wanted a pool but she didn't want one. Fast forward twenty years and she can recall countless stories of her children and grand children enjoying the pool. Sometimes you don't just don't really know until you give it a try but not every one is willing to take on that experience, so if you list a dazzling property like this, how do you maximize the benefit of this special focal point while you also minimize the undermining effect of possibly seeming like a burden.

4 Things People Won’t Tell You About the Beautiful Okanagan

Have you been thinking about moving to the Okanagan Valley? It’s an increasingly popular choice for people from across Canada looking for a change. There are so many excellent reasons to move to Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley! However, like any other location, there are always some less-than-perfect aspects. The following are four things people won’t tell you about the beautiful Okanagan Valley and the City of Kelowna. They won’t stop you from wanting to make the move, but knowing them will make sure you don’t have any surprise and might even help you choose the right neighbourhood.