Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden in Kelowna

I love to eat fresh food and one of the benefits of Kelowna is a long growing season. However, I've lived in a townhouse for quite a few years and have been limited to a few planter boxes and pots around our small covered patio. This past year we were able to grow a 3-foot tall hot pepper plant that produced several dozen spicy peppers. We also grew a mint (for mojitos!) basil, thyme, and some other herbs. Unfortunately, we just don't have the space to have a full vegetable garden. 

Do you live in a condominium, apartment, or townhouse, or property with a small yard, and wish you could have a garden but don't have the space?

Little did I know, the City of Kelowna partnered with the Central Okanagan Community Garden Society to provide community gardens within the city of Kelowna. There are actually 11 such community gardens throughout Kelowna, two in West Kelowna, two in Lake Country, including Oyama! In Kelowna, the city provides land and the society co-ordinates the gardeners and plots.

Gardening is an activity suitable for all ages and abilities. When I was a child we had a garden at home and were also involved in a community garden at a local church. I have good memories of working in the garden with my mom and dad and eating fresh carrots with my brother. 

How does my family start gardening?

Community garden plots can be rented for $15 per plot, per season (March to November). Irrigation water, compost bins and tools are provided at each garden site. Gardeners are encouraged to grow vegetables, herbs and flowering plants. It is each gardener’s responsibility to maintain their plot and surrounding areas using the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

To get started, you'll have to contact the appropriate coordinator at the Central Okanagan Community Garden Society to find out about available plots. Each community garden has it's own coordinator, so it may be best to identify a few gardens which are close to your home and reach out to them. Click here to see a list of garden coordinators. There may also be an opportunity to develop an additional community garden in your area.

Additional information on community gardening is available on the Central Okanagan Community Garden Society website.

Where are the community gardens in Kelowna?

  • Ballou Garden (Glenmore)
  • Barlee Road (Kelowna Central)
  • Cawston Avenue (Downtown)
  • DeHart (Lower Mission)
  • Gibbs Road (Rutland)  
  • Hartman Road (Rutland) 
  • Lindahl Street (Kelowna Central)
  • Michaelbrook (Mission)
  • Parkinson Recreation Centre
  • St Paul Street (Downtown)
  • Sutton Crescent (Glenmore)