Who is the Best Kelowna Real Estate Agent?

It’s one of those questions that doesn’t really have an answer, nonetheless, many of those looking to purchase or sell their home are searching to find Kelowna’s top Realtors®. With nearly a thousand real estate agents doing business in the city there are bound to be many fantastic Realtors in Kelowna. The best can mean different things to different people. Is best attainable through quantifiable achievements such as the most homes sold in the last year or the highest percentage sold versus listing price? Or is best simply established by delivering good experiences; maybe the best is one that negotiated the highest selling price on your behalf? Or is best the one who answered all of your calls no matter what time of day or night? Can the best be determined after a single or even a couple transactions? Don’t you need to compare the experience of working with multiple professionals to know how they stack up against each other? I think in this case, best is a very personal and subjective adjective.

In my experience, when you are looking for a professional, be it an accountant, a financial adviser, a business consultant, a landscaper, or a Realtor - it’s more important to find one that is a fit for you, rather than the “best real estate agent” or even the “top realtor in Kelowna”.

Is There a Fit in Working Together?

Selling and purchasing real estate can and likely will play a integral role in your life and your finances, so make sure to find someone who gets you and deeply understands your goals both in the short and long term. The best Realtor for you may not be the one that was the best Realtor for your neighbour or your parents or your friend. Okay, so you’re thinking there are so many to choose from, how do you find the one? I don’t think it has to be hard. There are a lot of great people in the Kelowna real estate industry. Do a little bit of research and make sure to give them a solid interview. Think of it as if you’re hiring an employee; after all, that’s what you’re doing - you’re hiring a real estate agent to provide you with services and look out for your best interest.

So you found a Realtor who you like and trust. You have some things in common and it seems you’re like minded and could possibly even become friends. Even more, you felt like your needs and goals were understood. Have you found the one or are there other factors to consider? At this point, you’re well on your way to establishing a good fit. There are two other things I always recommend people consider: what brokerage are they with and do they have a process?

What Brokerage Are They With?

When you enter into a working relationship with a Realtor, you are in fact contracting with their brokerage. While a lot of the brokerages role is played out in the background, they can actually still make a significant impact. Whether it’s through direct support to their agents, the strength of the brand that attracts people, or their specific systems and tools. I’ve aligned myself with RE/MAX Kelowna, not only because the RE/MAX® brand and our office in particular has a superior reputation to all other brokerages, but because of the benefits this provides my clients.  RE/MAX Kelowna has a strong management team consisting of experienced and dedicated people who provide amazing support to both REALTORS® and their clients. When you work with a RE/MAX Kelowna Realtor, you are working with an entire team of professionals.

Do They Have A Process?

Not all Realtors offer the same services and while the nuts and bolts of selling or purchasing a home are standard procedure, the entire process from that first interview to achieving your goals can vary greatly. Like with many professions, some Realtors are so used to doing more or less the same thing day in and day out that it is very much a process, albeit not necessarily an efficient or effective one. However, when a process is not intently though out and practiced, there is so much room for error. Make sure you ask your Realtor about his or her comprehensive process. If you don’t see a clear path to achieve your results, maybe it’s not as good of fit as you thought.