Kelowna Realtor Life Allows for Balance of Work and Family Adventure

When I look back on my childhood some of my fondest memories are wandering through forests, climbing boulders, or riding bikes through ravines. One of my favourite things about Kelowna is the city’s proximity to the wilderness. Almost every neighbourhood has areas that are perfect for exploring, be it forested hillsides, wetland parks and beaches, or creeks and waterfalls in canyons. Kelowna is an amazing place to raise a family because of this.

Kelowna Realtor Joshua Elliott and his son Layton, taking a break from work adventuring at Crawford Falls in Kelowna, BC.


Crawford Falls in the Bellevue Creek Canyon between the Upper Mission 'The Ponds' Development and Crawford Estates neighbourhood in Kelowna, BC.

Kelowna Realtor Joshua Elliott keeping cool with feet in the Bellevue Creek. "I love that I can work from anywhere."

One of my favourite things about being a Kelowna Realtor is that the flexibility in my schedule that allows me to enjoy more of the beautiful weather and landscape that surrounds me. An example of this was yesterday, I had a busy work day including some time sensitive commitments. Nonetheless, I promised my son Layton that I would make time to go find a waterfall. There is always room for a little play!

Layton built this little rock tower modelling some others that he seen along the creek.

Layton was more than happy to adventure in the creekbed and build rock structures while I read over strata documents for a client’s condo purchase. I like to think that working in Kelowna real estate allows me to take my office anywhere and yesterday it was sitting on a boulder in the sun with my feet chilling in the creek. Layton played while I worked for about 45 minutes and then we both took a dip in the creek to cool off before he showed me a few of points of interest he discovered like this pool of water carved into the rock a little ways downstream. I love being able to get some work done and hang out with him all in an afternoon.

Kelowna’s Crawford Estates neighbourhood borders the Bellevue Creek canyon where every spring the melting snowpack from the Okanagan highlands rushes over Crawford Falls then downstream towards Okanagan Lake. The water was too ferocious in the Spring to venture down into the canyon but water levels have since receded making it a beautiful place to explore and soak and cool off in the Okanagan summer heat. It took us only about 10-15 minutes to walk down to the waterfalls from the trail head on Crawford Falls Court. It’s a steep grade with numerous staircases installed to increase safety for the public in general.

The trail down to the waterfall is still official closed due to slope instability so if you decide to check it out, please do so at your own risk and be smart, cautious, and aware of your surroundings.